A Moment in Time – Embrace

The Inspiration from the logo comes from the recycling symbol, as all of the products are recyclable/biodegradable due to the large amounts of rubbish left behind at festivals. The name ‘Embrace’ has a double meaning, foremost meaning to embrace being natural and that you can’t look perfect when you’re camping at a festival. The second meaning comes from the idea that hippies were very free-loving and formed a sense of community, they often greeted each other with hugs or an ‘embrace’.

Complete collection of Embrace products.

I worked on creating a mock-up of a homepage for the website, which would explain the story of Embrace and also inform people of where they could purchase the kit.

Homepage displayed on various screens.

The advertising campaign for Embrace, would feature posters displayed at motorway service stations and on billboards and street signs as the consumers approached the venue for the festival. Many people car-share to reach festivals so advertising on the road would be essential.

Poster idea for Embrace festival kit.

I created a mock-up of the plasters box to give an impression of how the finished products would look.

Using watercolour paints and inks I painted patterns which had a natural and organic feel to them to be used as the basis for the packaging designs.


I was given a specific “Moment in Time” to inspire my project, this was The Summer of Love – 1967 (Psychedelic Music). I began researching the era, and decided to focus on the famous festivals, such as Woodstock, which took place during this time. The element I took from this period in time was the “hippie” lifestyle and the importance of things being eco-friendly to these people. In order to bring it up to date, I decided to create a range of “festival friendly” miniature toiletry items such as dry shampoo and body lotion. The packaging for the products links to nature and the idea of being outside at festivals which was taken from the 60s and 70s but also has a modern, fresh and gender-neutral feeling to it, in order to appeal to the young people of today.


Uni-Written Brief


14th May 2014